Guarini’s Trattato di fortificatione digitized

Google Books recently posted the full text of Guarino Guarini’s Trattato di fortificatione, che hora si usa in Fiandra, Francia & Italia… (Turin: Appresso gl’Heredi di Carlo Gianelli, 1676), in a copy held by the Biblioteca nazionale centrale, Rome. Now all of Guarini’s publications are available online in open-access digitized editions (see here for links).

This digitization is particularly welcome, since no reprint edition exists and few libraries possess copies of the treatise. Outside of Italy, World Cat and the Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog together note only nine copies (four in the US, one each in France, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK).

Even within Italy, copies are fairly scarce. The treatise does not appear, for instance, in the otherwise very informative virtual exhibition of Italian military architecture treatises at the Biblioteca nazionale centrale, Florence, from 2002. The BNCF states in the exhibition introduction that it holds “almost all first editions of Italian military architecture treatises from the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries”—but Guarini’s is among the few that are missing. (The exhibition discusses the Trattato di fortificatione in the context of other Seicento treatises, however.)

Now everyone can peruse this unassuming 128-page octavo volume, which Claudia Bonardi characterized as a “paperback avant la lettre.”

Some highlights from the Trattato di fortificatione. Click images for enlarged full views.
Images: Google Books / Biblioteca nazionale centrale, Rome

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