Vitruvius in the Early Modern Era

Panel at CAA 2014, Chicago, 14 February 2014

mvitrvviipollion00vitr_0005Victor Deupi and Richard John have organized a broad-ranging session on reception of Vitruvius during the early modern era for the College Art Association’s 102nd annual conference in Chicago. My contribution to the session, Vitruvius and Pious Learning, examines reception of the De Architectura in early modern religious orders. I am extremely grateful to the Samuel H. Kress Foundation and the College Art Association for a travel grant that subsidizes my attendance at the conference and participation in the Vitruvius panel.

Aspects of Vitruvius’s Reception: New Research in Architectural Practice and Theory in the Early Modern World

Time: 2:30 PM—5:00 PM
Location: Hilton Chicago, 3rd Floor, Astoria Room

Chairs: Victor Luis Deupi, New York Institute of Technology; Richard John, University of Miami

Translating Vitruvius in the Quattrocento: Ancient Theory or Contemporary Practice?
Angeliki Pollali, DEREE-The American College of Greece

Sundials and Water Organs: The Vitruvian Tradition in Italian Gardens
Natsumi Nonaka, University of Texas at Austin

Vitruvius and Pious Learning
Susan Klaiber, Winterthur, Switzerland

Vitruvius in Early Modern England: The Case of the Royal Society, 1660–1695
Matthew Walker, University of Oxford

James Gibbs’s Rules for Drawing (1732) and Vitruvius’s Method for the Ionic Order
Richard John, University of Miami

* * *

Kircher Vitruvian TheaterFrom my presentation: Athanasius Kircher, reconstruction of Vitruvian theater (De Architectura, Book V), Phonurgia Nova (Kempten: Rudolph Dreherr, 1673): 74.
Source: Google Books / Bayerische Staatsbibliothek

Image above left: M. Vitrvvii Pollionis De architectura libri decem / cvm commentariis Danielis Barbari… (Venetiis : Apud Franciscum Franciscium Senensem, & Ioan. Crugher Germanum, 1567).
Source: Getty Research Library / Internet Archive