Historic Film on Baroque in Piedmont


This thirty-five minute film, Piemonte Barocco, was apparently produced to complement the enormous 1963 exhibition on Baroque art and architecture held in three venues in and around Turin, the Mostra del Barocco Piemontese. It is presented by Marziano Bernardi, a Turinese art critic who wrote for La Stampa for many years and was a prolific author.

Interestingly, the film offers some alternative views of Piedmontese Baroque art and architecture not otherwise represented in the official exhibition, with trips to Venaria Reale (then unrestored), a private Turinese drawings collection, and a significant private palace on the Piazza San Carlo.

The film was directed by Carlo Casalegno and posted to YouTube in April 2014 by the Consiglio Regionale del Piemonte with the permission of Rai Teche.

* * *

Sequences, with approximate position in minutes: Opening credits (0:13); Booming postwar economy in Turin (0:50); introduction with Marziano Bernardi (MB) in Palazzo Reale (1:20); overview of buildings in the historic center of Turin and elsewhere in Piedmont (1:55); MB in Palazzo Reale discusses the palace and the Mostra del Barocco Piemontese (2:50); exhibition highlights by section, beginning with ceramics (5:04); metalwork (6:34); furniture (7:19); tapestry (8:06); MB at Venaria Reale, presentation of Venaria Reale (8:45); the Savoy dynasty’s transformation of Turin into their capital (10:04); Palazzo Reale (11:10); Venaria Reale and La Mandria (12:10); palaces in Turin (13:13); Filippo Juvarra, Baroque theater, scenography, ephemera, influence in painting and architecture (13:34); other Baroque themes, magnificence, the exotic, etc., in painting (17:30); genre painting (19:07); religion (19:40); MB in cappella della Sindone, Baroque themes of science, death (20:15); Guarino Guarini (22:38); survey drawings of the Shroud chapel by Mario Passanti (22:47); churches with popular cults, Corpus Domini, Consolata (23:25); MB visits Luigi Cibario, great-grandson of 19th-c. Turinese historian, views private collection of drawings (23:55); Palazzo Solaro del Borgo with Accademia Filarmonica in Piazza San Carlo (26:50); Stupinigi and the hunt (30:19); provincial churches and palaces (32:25).