Re | Visiting Piedmontese Baroque Architecture Tour Material Online

EAHN 2014 Two-Day Post-Conference Tour Documentation

The European Architectural History Network Third International Meeting (Turin, Politecnico di Torino, 19-21 June 2014) offered a rich program of twenty-one conference tours, among these the two-day Re | Visiting Piedmontese Baroque Architecture.  This study tour (22-23 June) presented key monuments as seen through the historiographic lens of earlier scholarly exploration of Baroque Piedmont.

As a permanent resource for tour participants and others interested in the topic, a page in the Resources section of this website now archives supporting material from the tour as PDF and JPEG downloads. These downloads include the tour itinerary, a selection of maps, documentation for travels in the region by A. E. Brinckmann and Rudolf Wittkower, as well as image dossiers for the sites visited.

In addition, a Google Map documents the principal stations of the tour, and a separate page of selected links leads to further reliable, content-rich web resources on most of the sites.

Tour leaders:
Pino Dardanello, Susan Klaiber, Edoardo Piccoli

Tour organizers
Roberto Caterino, Susan Klaiber, Walter Leonardi, Edoardo Piccoli

Resource Pages
Re | Visiting Piedmontese Baroque Architecture
Links for Re | Visiting Piedmontese Baroque Architecture

Guarino Guarini Timeline

The Resources section of this website now includes the Guarino Guarini Timeline.  The timeline presents – in forty-seven slides – a simple chronological account of documented episodes in Guarini’s life and career as a priest, scholar and architect.  Hosted at Blogger / Blogspot because of’s restrictions on JavaScript, the cloud-based timeline is constructed with the free plugin TimelineJS and a Google Docs spreadsheet; the images are hosted here on  Although its URL is at a separate domain, the timeline is fully integrated into the Resources menu on this website.

Full slide-by-slide documentation for the Guarino Guarini Timeline will be posted to the timeline site as a PDF download in early 2013.