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Guarini, Guarino

Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani

GUARINI, Guarino. – Figlio di Raimondo ed Eugenia Marescotti, nacque a Modena il 17 genn. 1624. La casa paterna, sul corso Canal Grande di Modena, sorgeva in adiacenza alla casa dei chierici regolari teatini, dove il G. e i suoi cinque fratelli compirono il primo ciclo di studi. Gli allievi dei nuovi ordini religiosi impegnati nella vita sociale, stimolati ad approfondire lo studio di materie scientifico-applicative diventavano di frequente architetti, soprintendenti alle fabbriche e autori di trattati architettonici (Klaiber, in Modena 1598, p. 220). Non ne fu immune il G

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Museo Torino

The award-winning Museo Torino website offers numerous resources for Guarini research, including catalogue entries on buildings and topics, photographs, bibliographies, and digitized versions of fundamental books on Turinese history, art, and architecture.   A museum press release describes the Museo Torino concept:

MuseoTorino: a new form of museum more than just a new museum

Launched during the celebrations for the 150th Anniversary of Italian Unification, MuseoTorino is the new on line museum of the Città di Torino. An innovative project, unique of its kind, created to collect, preserve and communicate the knowledge of the city.

MuseoTorino is a website, www.museotorino.it , conceived and structured as a museum, in which it is possible to find information on places, people, events and to follow themed itineraries or move freely across the whole urban space through a browsable map of the contemporary city.

Each place, event, character, theme is accompanied by a brief label and a file containing notes and useful information (bibliography, webography etc.), in order to strenghten and deepen the knowledge and the understanding of the subject.

MuseoTorino has an archive, a mediatheque and a digital library which currently has about 6.000 bibliographic files and 150 digitised books. more>>

Open Access Publications

See Open Access Sources on Guarini and Piedmontese Baroque Architecture and Still Essential: Tommaso Sandonnini on Guarino Guarini.

Multimedia Resources

Among the various photographs, videos, and animations of Guarini’s buildings available online, the following resources can be recommended for their professional production values and solid content.

Cappella della Sindone

Video recounting the effects of the 1997 fire at the Chapel of the Holy Shroud, Turin. Produced in conjunction with the 2010 ostension of the shroud, the video includes pre- and post-fire footage. Restoration work has since advanced, see this post for an update.

San Lorenzo

Interactive 360° panorama photo of San Lorenzo, Turin:

Royal Church of St. Lawrence

Palazzo Carignano

> Four interactive 360° panorama photos of Palazzo Carignano, Turin:

Palazzo Carignano – Museo del Risorgimento courtyard


Atrium and north staircase

North staircase landing

> News video from RAI Italian television reporting on the reopening of the Baroque apartments in Palazzo Carignano, April 2011. Includes views of Guarini’s basement substructures for the palace’s central oval element, and of the stairway.

Palazzo Carignano reopening video RAI

Screenshot: from Video Rai.TV, with view of Palazzo Carignano basement level

Santuario di Oropa

>A video by the Biella Tourism office that provides a good introduction to the complex history and topography of this pilgrimage site, the intended location for Guarini’s unexecuted 1680 design for the sanctuary church of Oropa.

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