Baroque Snowflakes

Rossetti NeveDonato Rossetti, La figura della neve (Turin: Per la Vedova Gianelli, e Domenico Paulino, 1681): 10.
Source: IMSS / Biblioteca Digitale del Museo Galileo

Donato Rossetti: Early Modern Scientist and Sometime Architect

Donato Rossetti (1633-1686) was a Tuscan natural philosopher, mathematician and canon of Livorno cathedral who arrived in Turin in 1674. Like many early modern scientists, Rossetti also dabbled in both civil and military architecture. He provided a project for San Salvario, Turin; wrote the fortification treatise Fortificazione a rovescio (Turin: Per Bartolomeo Zappata, 1678); and consulted on several fortification projects in Piedmont. As a colleague of Guarino Guarini’s, Rossetti recorded the perhaps most vivid eyewitness description of the Theatine. After Guarini’s death in March 1683, Rossetti took over as ingegnere at the Cappella della Sindone, supervising the late stages of construction until his own death three years later.

Among his diverse scientific works, Rossetti published a pioneering investigation of snowflakes, La figura della neve (Turin: Per la Vedova Gianelli, e Domenico Paulino, 1681). Building on earlier microscopic studies of snowflakes by scientists like Robert Hooke, Rossetti carefully classified and illustrated a broad array of snowflake types. In his Clerks and Craftsmen in China and the West, Joseph Needham notes that Rossetti, “was the first to draw in detail the hexagonal platelet type of crystal” (seen in the image above). The Archivio Scientifico e Tecnologico dell’Università di Torino (ASTUT) created a reenactment of Rossetti’s snowflake studies in a video (below) produced on the occasion of the 2010 exhibition “Piemonte al microscopio.” The short film evokes the chilly research necessary to make the observations presented in La figura della neve, and also includes footage of the copy of the book held by the Biblioteca Reale, Turin.

Season’s greetings: let it snow!

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Image below: detail from Donato Rossetti, La figura della neve (Turin: Per la Vedova Gianelli, e Domenico Paulino, 1681): 20.
Source: IMSS / Biblioteca Digitale del Museo Galileo

Rossetti snowflake detail